General Terms and Conditions


with Deepak Chopra

Prague, May 19, 2016

General Terms and Conditions

I. Introductory Provisions

1. These General Terms and Conditions regulate legal relations between Organizer and Participant connected with the registration for and the participation in all-day training event with Depak Chopra and other related events.

2. Definitions:

  • Price list means the information regarding the amount of payment for Services. The price of Service stated includes the information about whether the price is inclusive or exclusive of VAT, and the applicable VAT rate. Valid prices are published at;

  • Conditions mean the terms and conditions set out in this document;

  • Organiser means the company FELICIUS MEDIA s.r.o., with its registered office in Praha 3 - Žižkov, U Zásobní zahrady 1774/15, PSČ (ZIP) 130 00, IČ (identification number): 29028591, DIČ (VAT number): CZ29028591, entered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Prague Municipal Court, section C, file 161141;

  • Service means the performance of Organiser consisting in providing place for Participant at the above stated all-day training event and other related events. The content of Service and its variations are indicated at the web interface;

  • Participant means everybody who via web interface books, pays, and makes use of Service.


II. Registration and Payment for Service


Participant is obliged to fill in a registration form specifying the nature and extend of his/her participation, his/her personal data, and the data regarding his/her firm.

Afterwards, a proforma invoice is sent to Participant via email. Hereby, the registration becomes BINDING for Participant.

Participation fee must be paid by the date specified in the proforma invoice. The amount of the participation fee is invoiced in CZK or EUR.


Payment for registration includes:

  1. Providing place at the above stated all-day training event and other related events.

  2. Food and refreshment as specified in the programme of the event.

Payment for registration does not include:

  1. Costs of parking or accommodation at the venue.

In case of nonparticipation in the event without a written cancellation of the registration, Participant shall be charged a cancellation fee of 100%.

In case of registration sent 3 and less days prior to the date of the event, payment of participation fee must be proven by submitting a payment statement at the registration desk at the event.

Participation fee can be paid by bank transfer or by credit card. Exceptionally and strictly upon prior telephone agreement, in case of registration sent 3 and less days prior to the date of the event, participation fee can be paid cash at the registration desk on the day of the event.

If Participant is in default of payment exceeding 14 days, Organizer is entitled to cancel Participant ́s reservation for the event.

Upon the receipt of payment, Participant is emailed an invoice/receipt.

Participant is requested by Organiser to arrive at the event sufficiently ahead of time (time specified in the programme for Participant registration). At the registration desk, Participant shall obtain a badge and other materials, as the case may be.


III. Cancellations / Withdrawals


  • Registration can be cancelled by Participants solely in writing, namely via email sent to the email address;

  • In case of cancellation/withdrawal more than 14 days prior to the beginning of the event – cancellation fee of 10% applies;

  • In case of cancellation/withdrawal 14-8 days prior to the beginning of the event – cancellation fee of 50% applies;

  • In case of cancellation/withdrawal 7-3 days prior to the beginning of the event – cancellation fee of 75% applies;

  • In case of cancellation/withdrawal 2 and less days prior to the beginning of the event or in case of nonparticipation without a written cancellation of the registration – cancellation fee of 100% applies.


IV. Complaints Procedure


Customer has the right to lodge a complaint to the company FELICIUS MEDIA s.r.o. for the training services rendered, namely for the following reasons:

  • Lecturer's methods of work

  • Methodology and content of the event

  • Organization of the event

The complaint shall be lodged by customer always in writing with no delay after discovering the subject of the complaint, to the address, U Zásobní zahrady 1774/15, 130 00 Praha 3 or via email to FELICIUS MEDIA s.r.o.


Written complaint must include:

  • Contact information (IČ (identification number), name of company, registered office, and mailing address where applicable)

  • Name and surname of Participant or of the person acting on Participant ́s behalf, including telephone number and e-mail address

  • Event identification – date, name, invoice number for the event

  • Description of the reasons for complaint

Unless the document sent contains the above stated information essential for lodging the complaint, the document shall not be accepted and processed.


Method and deadlines for handling complaints

Company is obliged to handle a complaint within 30 days of the receipt of the complaint from customer, unless supplier and customer agreed otherwise. Day of receipt shall mean the date of delivery of the complaint to FELICIUS MEDIA s.r.o.


Method of handling complaints regarding:

Lecturer's methods of work, methodology and content of the event, or organization of the event:

  • Customer service staff shall register the complaint and shall advise the person in charge of complaint handling.

  • The person in charge shall examine the subject of and reason for the complaint (e.g., by comparing evaluation reports of other event participants, consulting the lecturer, etc.). Should he/she find the complaint relevant, they shall ensure adequate remedy, e.g., by returning a part of or the whole participation fee, or otherwise, upon agreement with Customer.


V. Privacy Policy


Organiser collects and stores personal data provided by Participant, on electronic information media and in a secured database.

Organiser protects the personal data at the maximum extent possible by using modern and state-of-the art-technologies. Organiser declares that he has taken all and any possible and currently known measures in order to the guard the data from unauthorised intervention of third parties.

Organiser shall not be liable for any unauthorised interventions of third parties, in consequence of which these third parties may gain access to personal data of User and/or his User account and/or Organiser ́s database, and use or misuse this data or make the data available to third parties.

Restrictions on data handling

Organiser shall not without prior consent of User process, share, sell or use User's personal data from his personal User account in the manner which shall be in breach of these Conditions.

Personal data processing

User acknowledges and agrees that Organiser is entitled to process, collect personal data of User for the purpose of delivering Service under these Conditions and for the purpose of statistics.

Sending marketing information

User acknowledges and agrees that Organiser shall use personal data for marketing purposes, i.e., maintaining the database of web interface users, offering products and services, and sending marketing information via all electronic means, for an unlimited period. User may at any moment withdraw his consent to receiving marketing information by using the link stated in the marketing information.

User Consent to personal data processing

In accordance with Personal Data Protection Act, by agreeing with these Conditions, User is granting consent to Organiser as administrator for an unlimited period to processing personal data provided upon registration at the web interface and/or upon ordering Service, for the purpose of User identification when using Service.

Data processor

Organiser as administrator is entitled in compliance with Personal Data Protection Act to appoint a third party as a data processor.

Consent withdrawal

Consent of User to personal data processing under these Conditions is self-imposed. User is entitled at any time after setting up User account to withdraw his consent in writing at the address of Organiser. Upon consent withdrawal, Organiser shall ensure that all User's data be deleted from the Service database and User account, and he shall also ensure that the data be no longer processed, disclosed for the purpose of providing Service.

Disclosure of personal data

User acknowledges that Organiser may be obliged to disclose personal data under the law or to fulfill his legal obligations (i.e., legal proceedings or administrative procedure).


VI. Final provisions 

  1. Any and all communication between the parties, including the cancellation of registration, must be in writing or in the form of emails known to the other party.
  2. Relationships arising herefrom are governed by the applicable legislation, the Civil Code in particular.
  3. All disputes which cannot be resolved by agreement, shall be addressed in proceedings before ordinary courts of the Czech Republic.
  4. Organizer reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions.

These General Terms and Conditions are valid as of November 27, 2015

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